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After more than 20 years in business, we’ve collected an amazing amount of favorable reviews, in print, on Google, and Yelp.

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Pet Owner Reviews

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Dear Nancy,
Everyone needs a travel break from time to time and it is especially comforting knowing that one’s pets are being looked after by a firm that really cares about animals and always operates in a professional manner. From the opening interview, to the care of the family pets, to the follow-up after travel call, Nalapetsitters is a quality organization that provides the care for your pets that you would provide for them yourself if you were there. We trust them so much that they have a key to our house and we simply call them up and leave a note and a check with the relevant details when it is time to again request this service. This firm is A+ in my book as they have both heart and are professional in all their dealings with us. Integrity and good service are their bywords that they truly live by.

Douglas and Barbara

Dear Nancy,
Thank you for having Nala’s Petsitters take care of our pets while we are away on business trips. We used to rely on friends and family but they were always wrapped up in their own personal lives that they would either feed them on odd schedules and not let them out or forget them entirely. You not only have given us peace of mind, but the ability to focus 100% of our time on our careers without worrying every minute if our critters are being fed and going out. We also appreciate that you spend time every visit to play with them and give them love. Now, we can go on vacations!

From Joni and Chuck

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Dear Nancy,
I used Nala’s Pet Sitters to watch my two cats when I went on vacation. Not only did they make it possible for me to leave without any worries, but what I didn’t know was included in the fee of watching your animals was many other amenities that she provides. Like turning your lights on and off, picking up your newspaper, picking up your mail, taking your trash out, watering your plants, and many other things that I am probably forgetting which are all things that make it look like someone is living there when you are away. All of this on top of providing your pets with the best service ever! I will use Nalas Pet Sitters services over and over again. I would recommend anyone to use her service without any worries at all. Thank you.

Dear Nancy,
I know you have enjoyed caring for the three of them, and I know part of you “lives” in them because of the time with them. It makes me sad inside that you won’t be there everyday with them. But, there are the overnights! Thank you again for everything – it has been a blessing, and comforting to me, to know my babies have been in your care and hands.

From Mike