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Planning Ahead

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Planning for your pet sitters visit is often the last item on your agenda of “things to do” before leaving on a trip. However, we feel it is one of the most important items that should be included on your Trip Checklist because it involves your home and your pet’s welfare.

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A few things that are often overlooked are making sure all locks/keys are functional for all doors and notifying us if any gates or alarm codes have changed or if any other person(s) will be in or on the property (this would include pool cleaners, gardeners, house keepers, relatives, or friends).

Please note:  We do not allow job sharing. Job sharing means, others coming in to care for your pets or home while you are under contract with Nala’s. Should this occur, it could potentially void the insurance liability.

We also ask that you walk around your yard and make sure there is no way a dog can dig under, jump over, or otherwise run off while you are away. And most of all, please provide enough food, litter, medicines, and any other items that your pet/house might need while you are away.

Pet Proofing Tips

Ordinary household items such as live cables, TV, lamps, radio, or any wire that your pets can reach.  Toxic cleaners such as bleach, laundry tablets, glass cleaners, etc., are potential deathtraps and must be kept well out of reach.

Ensure that pesticides and other garden chemicals are stored out of reach. We recommend using safety latches for babies to keep pets and children from prying open cabinet doors.

Make sure that children understand the importance of locking and or closing gates securely. One way of preventing the gate being left opened is locking it with a small padlock, making the only entry to the backyard through your home.

Remove ladders or stacked crates, boxes, or other fixtures which give access to flat roofs or balconies.

Garden ponds or fountains should be temporarily fenced off while your pet is young.