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Nala’s Pet Sitters is a proud reseller of the following products. 

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Modesto Milling

We take pride in the fact that our customers regularly tell us how Modesto Milling feeds increased their animals and birds health, feather and fur condition, production and activity level. We make changes to formulas based upon our customer comments and needs. Customers regularly have custom formulated feed mixes for their individual feed needs.

Evanger's Dog and Cat Food Company

Since 1935, Evanger’s Dog & Cat Food Company has been the finest natural pet food company in the United States. Their products have no preservatives or added salt and has had a strong following among breeders and veterinarians for over 50 years.

Nature's Variety

Nature's Variety True Instinct

We’re a privately-held, natural pet food company located in the Midwest. Our purpose the reason behind everything we do is to empower people to transform the lives of pets. And to lead a movement toward better pet health.
Northwest Naturals

Northwest Naturals Dog and Cat Food

Dog Food: Northwest Naturals uses only the highest quality manufacturing and ingredients. We offer a variety of raw nutrition options for dogs: Nuggets, Dinner Bars, Chubs, Freeze Dried Diets, Raw Meaty Bones and Freeze Dried Single Ingredient Treats.

Cat Foot: Northwest Naturals Raw Diets for Cats are a true Carnivore Diet. We offer a variety of raw nutrition options for cats: Frozen Nibbles, Freeze Dried Nibbles and Freeze Dried Single Ingredient Treats.

Nature's Variety

Wellness Pet Food

It’s true. Mealtime is more than just a bowl of food. It’s the foundation to a longer and healthier life, together. That’s why we craft delicious recipes that use simple, natural ingredients—without any fluff or fillers.

Nature's Variety

America's Choice

The best bedding for your horse and livestock
Our full family of softwood shavings and pellet bedding options are ideal for a wide range of larger animals, also great as cat litter. Super absorbent and kiln-dried to kill bacteria, our horse and livestock bedding features easy pick-up and clean-out, as well as a great scent.