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Recommendations from the SPCA

Most people get haircuts to look better, feel better, or to simply get a fresh start in life. But for dogs and cats, proper hair hygiene is essential; failure to groom pets regularly can have serious health consequences.



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Grooming is as important as bringing your pet to the vet for regular checkups. “It’s maintaining the well-being of your animal.

Good groomers don’t just cut for beauty; they look for signs of trouble beneath the furry surface.

A groomer may discover health issues before you know they exist, including cysts, bad skin conditions, and ear infections—all of which can hide under fur.





Matted hair can progress quickly from causing mild skin irritation to infecting wounds. Fleas and ticks can live relatively invisibly in a hair mat, and mats around the hind end can cause an accumulation of feces that sometimes impedes defecation. Severe hair mats can grow so tightly that they can restrict or cut off blood circulation, which can eventually require amputation. In addition overgrown toenails can twist the toe bone or grow into the pads of the feet.

Simply put, animals, especially those with long hair, suffer when they aren’t maintained or regularly groomed.

Just a few things to go over before an appointment can be made.
1. We don’t work with aggressive animals
2. We will need to see proof of vaccines, prior to booking an appointment
3. We do have an extra mat fee. Those prices are based on the severity of the mats.
4. If you are late for your appointment, we will have to reschedule you and your pet
5. First time groom, the pet parent must stay with their pet